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Get Out Of Debt

Stop messing around with consolidation loans and other ponzi-ways of getting out of debt. They don't work. This stuff does.

Save Money

It's easier to save money than you think.  The trick is learning how.  But it's not easy.  Learning how to save money takes guts, and rock solid purpose.

Your Money - Your Life

A Dale Degagne Blog about Fitness, Travel and Parenting and all those other things that don't fall into Getting Out of Debt and Saving Money.


The Services

Awesome Money Management Ebook

The Book

Awesome Money Management is the your no-fluff guide to the ONE SKILL that sets the the winners apart from the losers. 

No one gets out of debt, saves money, or is financially successful with out being Awesome with their money.

The Money Master Courses

Available NOW.

For Years I've coached people from financial pain to financial pleasure.  What I've learned is currently being Jammed into these courses.

A less expensive alternative to Coaching, these courses will help you create MASSIVE Positive Lasting Change in your life.

The $$$ Coach/Planner

Despite being a Lvl 1 Certified Financial Planner, I hate the term.  Even coach seems a little off sometimes. 

If you have financial pain, then  I know the cure. 


Just a Few Testimonials...

Derek & Laura Oshawa ON

Before working with Dale, we were not partners in the household finances. There were things that needed to be taken care of, but we each took care of our ‘own thing’.


Working with Dale, my attitude towards money completely changed. I realized that by choosing not to take control of my finances, they were taking control over me.

Toronto ON

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Military?   Veteran?  or  Family?

Thank You for your service.  You are appreciated.  To show that appreciation, I have a free gift for you.


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