Why Some People Are Skinny

September 29th, 2009

I’ll admit, I’ve asked myself before. There are some people who are just freakishly skinny and they seem to eat all the time. I hate it personally, because I hate the idea that some people are gifted. Frankly, I hate the whole genetic approach, because people blame it for being fat as well, which isn’t legitimate. But frankly speaking, even with skinny people, it’s not genetic like you think. People who seem always skinny have a few basic habits that we don’t necessarily notice.

The first is that they fidget. Maybe they don’t watch TV at all, maybe when they’re watching TV or anything else, they are always somehow moving. This being said, it is extremely important to be moving, because you are naturally burning more calories. This is why they are far more likely to be skinny in this particular situation.

Second, they eat all the time. Yes, this seems like a bad thing. But think about it, you always see them eating because they are always eating. Their metabolism is always going, and they are always eating small meals throughout the day, just like you frankly should. If you do this, everything turns out better in your weight loss and fat burning mechanisms.

And finally, they eat more fruits and vegetables. Yes, it may seem like they are wolfing down that pizza with the rest of us. But I can guarantee that maybe when you’re there and just don’t notice or maybe when you’re not there, they are eating more fruits and vegetables to balance it out.

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